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Triple Trouble Sam Darling Mysery Series


Triple Trouble: Sam Darling Mystery Series Box Set:

Books 1-3

By Jerilyn Dufresne


Book Set: Books 1-3

Published: May 25, 2016



"This is a great series! Halfway through the first, I was hooked. Now I have read the whole series and can't wait for more!"

Now you can read the first three Sam Darling mysteries in one big book of nearly 700 pages, including a bonus short story!


This fun cozy mystery series features amateur sleuth and social worker Samantha and her canine companion Clancy. Between her big family of five siblings, her charming hometown of Quincy, and a sudden run of murders, Sam has her work cut out for her. No one is asking her to investigate, but that never stopped her before...

#1 - Who Killed My Boss?

Moments after hiring Samantha Darling as a therapist, Dr. Burns is murdered. Stunned by his sudden death and desperate to keep the job she just got, Sam vows to find the killer.

#2 - Any Meat In That Soup?

When a man falls down at Samantha Darling’s feet, she thinks it’s pretty funny. But she stops joking when he turns up dead.

#3 - Can You Picture This?

If Sam had known when she knocked over the guy's bicycle that it would put her knee-deep in murder again, she might have thought twice.

And a bonus short story!

Sam's Prom Night Fiasco

Read about the beginning of Sam's romance with George... and how he ended up with egg on his face. Or is that mud?

Read the entire series!

Who Killed My Boss? (Sam Darling #1)
Any Meat in That Soup? (Sam Darling #2)
Can You Picture This? (Sam Darling #3)
Will You Marry Me? (Sam Darling #4)
Where Is Henderson? (Sam Darling #5)
Who’s the Rogue? (Sam Darling #6)

Who Dies Next? (Sam Darling #7)


Triple Trouble (Box Set of Sam Darling mysteries #1-3)
Triple Trouble Too (Box Set of Sam Darling mysteries #4-6)

Sam Darling Cozy Set of Six (Box Set of #1-6)

Coming Soon
Is This the End? (Sam Darling #8)


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