Renowned as the author of The Sam Darling Mysteries, Jerilyn Dufresne weaves stories that captivate your imagination, creates characters who seem so real you would expect to find them walking down the street, and shares her wicked sense of humor that makes light of the perilous situations in which her characters land. A master of the pen, Jerilyn moves with ease from mystery and intrigue to sci-fi and, dare we mention, romance.

The  Sam Darling Mysteries

Triple Trouble Sam Darling Mysteries
Let this best-selling mystery series take you to the tree-lined streets of Quincy, Illinois to find mystery & intrigue at every corner., or at least those traveled by Sam Darling.

The Sam Darling mysteries are some of the best I've ever read. Why? Because Dufresne wraps humor, mystery, romance and a whole lot of fun into one package. The thing I love about Sam is that she doesn't have a clue how unique she is. She's funny, curious, stable, with a pull toward being on the edge. I love her! Every character has a quirk that makes them memorable. I wouldn't miss reading one of the book in the series that is seamlessly woven from one book to the next.

--Luv To Read
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