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Where is Henderson? Jerilyn Durfresen, author cozy mystery


Where is Henderson?

By Jerilyn Dufresne


Book 5

Published: September 8, 2015


Just as Samantha Darling is getting ready to marry her sweetheart George, a dead body falls off the train… and suddenly, the psychic sleuth and her canine companion are off to investigate another murder.

Sam and her sidekick Clancy are at it again in the fifth book in Jerilyn Dufresne's bestselling cozy mystery series. When Sam and her fiancé George dash away from their wedding shower to do some investigating in the small town from which the train took off, they meet a charismatic huckster selling medicinal water from “Happy Acres.” She’s the mastermind behind a pyramid scheme that has one and all paying top dollar for the magic elixir. Sam, with her nose for trouble, jumps in by snooping… or as she would say, helping… and quickly gets herself into some hot water of her own.

With her psychic vibes, her trusty dog Clancy, and her beloved George—the real law enforcement professional—Sam tries to solve the murder and avoid becoming another victim.

All she wants to do is survive long enough to finally say, “I do.”

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